More Kidneys

Kidneys in Common is being created specifically to energize and support efforts to educate and recruit altruistic kidney donation and provide a game-changer in the fight against this disease. 

More Kidneys --
When established, Kidneys in Common, Inc. will bring increasing numbers of living kidneys into the process. The truth is that despite huge success of signing people up as deceased organ donors and the acceptance of Kidney Paired Donation as standard medical practice, the waiting list for kidney transplants has grown rather than shortened. Positive factors like improved automobile safety have combined with negative factors such as increases in diabetes to neutralize progress. It is essential that a new national dialogue take place that can clear the social and ethical obstacles to discussing and supporting altruistic kidney donation. As we well know, patients and their families who are confronting the reality of kidney failure do not always find the information, options and support they need when they must rely solely upon a medical system which commoditizes kidneys. Kidneys In Common will work to provide a path for kidney donation that is safe from those interests and ultimately make more altruistic donations possible. Even a small percentage increase in the number of non-directed donors would have a very positive impact on the kidney shortage.