“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” 
― Mother Teresa

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Helping People Help

Living Kidney Donor Education & Support --  When an individual indicates their willingness to step-up and help someone by donating a kidney, the immediate response must include, respect, honesty, information and support. Concerns over money, future care or logistics should never be aloud to overshadow the noble impulse to help save a life....

Understanding the process for considering kidney donation requires readily available, useable and transparent information.  Likewise, would-be donors should not be punished financially or otherwise because of their intent to do something so important.


Kidney Donor Support? How?

Donor First -- One's decision to donate a kidney is often described in terms of a journey. For some, it is easy to keep the destination in focus. For others, the original impulse to help save a life can take shape over a longer, more meandering path. Both paths will get you there: What is important is that one has a clear map and sufficient information to make choices along the way.


Provide Open Source Information & Awareness -- 


Advocate for Donor Rights -- 

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