When it comes to reducing the wait for kidney transplants, we need more than a "Build It and They Will Come" effort. We need to deliver information to those who would help if they knew.

Active Donor Outreach

Everything changes when we know about it personally. When it impacts the world where we live and the people whose path we cross regularly, it is no longer just a headline. Suddenly, it is real and close to home. Suddenly we care in a different way.


But, here's the thing: when 60% of Americans will develop some level of kidney disease in their lifetime, and 1 in 10 will reach a severe stage...it is happening around you. In your workplace, place of worship, your civic organization or fraternal order, individuals in your world and their families are confronting kidney disease. That so many of us can be unaware is surprising, but for a variety of reasons, it is true.

Kidneys in Common wants people to know of the need that surrounds them, which may be hiding in plain sight. There are many efforts in our country working to help those with kidney disease. Kidneys in Common wants to join those efforts by helping raise awareness among potential living kidney donors. If able bodied adults in this country become sensitized to the need, and have transparent, actionable information on the value they can bring into the lives of others, we can change the kidney health dynamic in the United States. Kidneys in Common wants people to be able to honestly consider whether or not sharing their extra kidney is for them. 

It is with all my heart that I believe that the lack of kidney donors in the world is not due to lack of compassion or caring for our fellow. Rather, I believe it is due to lack of awareness and understanding about the process of kidney donation.

Rabbi Ari Sytner, in "A Kidney Donor's Journey"


Think About It...

Active vs. Passive...Why it matters:  Today it is not enough to simply have a good cause or an attractive website. Every hour of the day good causes and nice websites go virtually unnoticed, and in the tsunamis of information and rapid news cycles, information that can save someone's life goes unseen. Outreach and education are essential if we are to reshape the kidney health landscape. Kidneys in Common advocates for social awareness and action through a Community-driven model. Read more...


The Economics --  10 year cost of dialysis patient to Medicaid vs 10 year cost of Transplant


Monitization --