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If we can't talk about it, we can't fix it.

Kidneys In Common, Inc. is about awareness and the sharing of information, differently, in order to bring hope to hundreds of thousands of people who wait, and suffer.

Technology opens new possibilities for communication daily: powerful tools for social media and networking. Even so, these tools by themselves, are not creating the kind of dialogue and awareness we need in order to inform those around us of who is suffering and who might be able to help.

We need to take advantage of these new possibilities, certainly, but we also need to mobilize traditional communication pipelines which have always existed within our communities. In our complex world, with the additional challenges of our healthcare landscape, it can be difficult to connect a need with its solution. We need a hybrid model to provide trusted and effective channels of communication; good information and transparency for people who want to help those who are suffering from serious kidney disease. We can do much better in the struggle against kidney disease. And, if we can do better...why would we not?

New dialogue, systemic changes, and some rearranging in the economics of kidney healthcare are needed. Usually such changes only come in response to raised awareness and social activism. By working within our various communities -- our churches, our unions, our veterans' associations and others -- Kidneys In Common is helping to raise awareness of the need within communities. Kidneys In Common together with the communities that make up our culture will highlight the fact that communities, themselves, hold the solution