Kidneys in Common is helping Living Kidney Donation happen, through community engagement, awareness, and kidney donor support.

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Our Work

Active Donor Outreach -- Kidneys in Common is committed to educating and inspiring able bodied adults to explore the possibility of kidney donation.

Living Kidney Donor Education & Support --  Considering kidney donation requires useable and transparent information, which is often not readily available.  Kidney donors also need levels of support, ranging from financial to logistic and should not be punished for their intent to do something important and good. → 

Community Directed Donation -- Kidneys in Common is taking a Community-Based approach to increasing the number of Living Kidney Donors: mobilizing national Civic, Fraternal, Labor, Veteran and Faith-based organizations to use their existing organizational infrastructure to highlight the need for healthy kidneys, and the impact each member can have in the lives of other fellow members. 

Equal Access -- In far too many instances, people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease are not made aware of their best options for living a normal life. Tens of thousands of patients medically suitable for transplants never make it to the waiting list. This is especially true in minority communities, where African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans are all disproportionately more likely to need a transplant but less likely to be referred to a transplant center. 


“It's About the Gift of a Lifetime”

— L. Tom Foster,Jr., co-FOUNDER


Healthcare Reform through
Social Change


Families help their own. Communities share values and support their members. Societies and institutions are made up of people, their families and their communities. The power to affect changes in our healthcare system rests within the Communities that make up our country.

Kidneys in Common is stepping up to help communities -- where we live and work, play and pray -- recognize and support their members who are confronting kidney disease and those members who would give a kidney to save a life.

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Our Mission

Kidney disease one of the greatest health challenges we face. It is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States. And yet, this challenge is one that we know how to overcome.  It requires that we care enough to share.

Kidneys in Common is helping Living Kidney Donation happen, through community engagement, awareness, and kidney donor support.


of Americans will develop Kidney Disease in their Lifetime.


remain on the National Kidney Transplant Waiting list each year.

40% to 50%

longer waits for African Americans and Hispanics


Each year over 100,000 Americans are diagnosed with a condition that will require a kidney. There are currently 105,000 Americans in immediate need of a kidney and 500,000 on dialysis. Approximately 60% of them will need a transplant.

There are roughly 196 million adults in the U.S. If even a quarter of them had information enough to consider sharing their extra kidney , how would that impact the kidney crisis?

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Get Involved

Kidneys in Common is actively engaging communities, nationally, helping them to help their members. ......

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